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      If you ask Leftee when his musical journey began, it is a bit later than the actual starting point some time around 1983. For Leftee, it all really began with a trip to Jamaica in 1991. On that journey he was lucky enough to visit the grave of Bob Marley, in the mountains of the parish of Nine Miles in rural Jamaica. The day he arrived with his brother to place where Bob Marley wrote many of his early songs, is the day he feels he was truly musically baptized. To sit on the side of the mountain where Marley's body now rests "was a baptism of sorts," Leftee admits. Leftee brought an acoustic guitar and his brother toted an original Jamaican drum of some sort along for the Jam. Being familiar with many of Bobs songs allowed Leftee and his brother to jam with the Rasta's, on the same mountain where Bob wrote his songs. After paying respects at Bobs grave, everyone headed up the mountain and began to perform a multitude of Bobs songs. There was a light rain falling that day, and perfect for a ceremonial baptism. From the moment  Leftee visited the resting place of one of his biggest  musical hero's the mold was cast. In the 80's Leftee was in a Band with Big R called The Rasta's, which he credits with getting him to Jamaica  and Bobs grave in the first place. Other huge influences on Leftee were The Police, most notably Stewart Copeland and his drum styles and poly-rhythms.

       Soon after returning from Jamaica, Leftee enrolled in Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts in Florida. After receiving a degree in Recording Engineering, he returned back home to Michigan to open a State of the Art Digital Recording Studio. For Leftee, this was proof that his prayers  at Marleys grave  were coming to fruition. Over the Next 10 Years Leftee owned and operated a studio in Grand Blanc, Michigan. During this time he produced and engineered over 50 albums for numerous Michigan artists. Among those  were projects by Gene Pool, Jo Ma Ma's Bakery, Pat Cronley and Deeper Blue, Tyree and Co., The Travelin' Bluesman and many, many others. Leftee received  distribution on his own bands CD "The TecTonics" in the United States and Europe. Leftee was writing songs throughout this period, but for the most part he was pre-occupied with the productions he was doing for others. It is safe to say "The TecTonics" project re-kindled his passion for writing and performing once again.

      Leftee was the victim of some bad misfortune in 2004 when he was nearly killed in a serious head on car accident. He sincerely believes the Creator intervened in some fashion, to spare himself and his 2 year old son from certain peril. After a lengthy recovery period he rejoined with his long lost band mate Big R, and decided to give the music another go.  When ThreePeace entered the studio to record "Empire of the Sun", Leftee was the most thankful he has ever been to just be playing music. Having a near death experience has a way of making you appreciate the smaller things in life. In ThreePeace, Leftee derives his desire with the simple gift of having another chance. Leftee is a  songwriter for ThreePeace, performing Lead Vocals, Drums, Bass Guitar and Guitar on Studio albums. Currently he is the Drummer and Lead Singer for the Band when they play live shows, but has also been Bassist / Lead Vocalist for the band in past years.

Leftee: Leftee
      Song Name Time Buy
  1. The Police Files 4:54 + MP3 $0.99
  2. Mice 3:44 + MP3 $0.99
  3. My Uncles Farm (Smoke That Jammer Spliff) 10:08 + MP3 $0.99
  4. In the Western Skies 3:55 + MP3 $0.99
  5. I Notice Everytime 5:07 + MP3 $0.99
  6. Out On the Land 4:05 + MP3 $0.99
  7. California Mountain 3:32 + MP3 $0.99
  8. Thankful for the Day 4:02 + MP3 $0.99
  9. Inside 7:25 + MP3 $0.99
  10. Hear Me Tonight 4:05 + MP3 $0.99
  11. Golfing America Theme (TecTonics Instrumental) 7:24 + MP3 $0.99
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ThreePeace influences include: The Police, Bob Marley, U2, Green Day, Sting, Andy Summers, Stewart Copeland, The English Beat, Shaggy, Peter Tosh, Ziggy Marley, Jamaica, Reggae, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Sublime, Jimmy Cliff, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, John Mellencamp, Duke Tumatoe, Daniel Lanois, Hugh Padgham, Classic Rock, Phish, The Grateful Dead, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Gene Pool, The TecTonics, Steely Dan, Donald Fagen, Grand Funk Railroad, The Rasta's, Jo Mama's Bakery, Trey Anastasio, Les Claypool, Oysterhead, Rush, Neil Peart, Men at Work.............Just to name a few.....ThreePeace Michigan Alternative Rock and Reggae. Michigan, Rock, Reggae, Festival Band,  Special Event Band, Beach Music, Best Band, Midwest, Democratic Band. Auto Repair Fenton Mi Michigan 48430, Auto Repair Fenton Mi Michigan 48430 Family Law Flint Michigan Drivers License Restoration Flint Michigan SEO Consultant Michigan www.SEOConsultingPros.Com, www.AutoRepairLindenMi.Com, www.AutoRepairHollyMi.Com, www.AutoRepairGrandBlancMi.Com.

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