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ThreePeace - (6/18/2014) The Positive Vibration Session Limited Edition Vinyl Pressing

Sold Out Thanks for your support!


ThreePeace - (Digital Release January 2014) The Positive Vibration Session

Track Listing - 1) Empire Of The Sun - 8:02 2) Stir It Up - 6:41 3) Use What Jah Gives You - 5:16  4) Walking In Your Footsteps - 7:53  5) Assholes Song - 5:20  6) War-Shine On Children - 6:37

Price $20 Plus $5 Shipping and Handling US - International Orders are $20 Plus applicaple Shipping we will contact you for the price on Intl. Orders

All Songs written by ThreePeace. Copyright 2014 Sheehan Sound Engineering. Administered By ASCAP

Ordering Instruction for Limited Edition Vinyl - Mail Order Only!   (Sold Out - 9/4/2014)

1) Send Email with Request for Ordering code at Click Here

2) We will return a ordering code to you for purchase of album to submit with your order (Limit 2 per customer) Will include Price with return email. Include your shipping location if outside continental United States, this includes Alaska or Hawaii, or any outside Territory of the United States lower 48.

3) Enclose Payment of Money Order or Cashiers Check to THREEPEACE.

4) Send Payment and Ordering Code to THREEPEACE C/O TERRENCE SHEEHAN - 8845 S. SAGINAW ST. - STE 103 GRAND BLANC, MI  USA 48439.

5) You will receive a confirmation when we receive your check and your order is on the way. Check must clear before order is shipped.

THREEPEACE - Positive Vibration Session was recorded in 2007 at Positive Vibration Studios in Grand Blanc, Michigan. ThreePeace Music is rooted in the cause of moving our World forward with Peace, Acceptance and One Love, as the great Bob Marley did before them. The band is going through a revival of sorts finding that the sounds of analog tape and spontaneous recordings made for the some of the best jam sessions. While sessions like these lend themselves to musical mistakes at times, it also that atmosphere which creates the best space for being in the spirit, going with the flow. This was the initial concept of the "Empire of the Sun" album itself. Often when you overdo the perfection with countless overdubs, you kill the spirit of the recording.

This project is a collection of Reggae Rock with a Punk edge which ThreePeace is known for. On this 6 song compilation the band covers the Bob Marley Classics "Stir It Up" and "War" and a punk version of The Police "Walking in your Footsteps". Also featured are songs from the ThreePeace album "Empire of the Sun". ThreePeace influences musically are many and include the likes of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and other Classic Reggae artists, as well as Classic Rock and New Wave influences like The Police and The English Beat. The band believed that this project sounded like a an old vinyl album bootleg and thus that is exactly how it will be released in limited edition.

This was recorded after the band was selected as one of twelve artists featured on the MySpace Music Calendar. This session was recorded during bass player auditions in 2007 as Raul was leaving the band for Alaska. The bass guitar is played by Michelle Hobbs who had never played any of this material before with the band. The energy and spark of the recording had a flow the band always loved. There were no rehearsals for this recording so it took its own musical direction. This recording has always been a band favorite and embodied the spirit and spark of the "Empire of the Sun" album and the "For the Love of the Rastaman" album. Michelle never actually played a gig with ThreePeace other than this one session. This was a jam recording recorded via a X-Y stereo microphone setup in the studio. This Positive Vibration Session can be considered a band authorized Bootleg Recording.

Leftee - Drums, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals Track 3
Big R - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Raul - Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals Track 3, Backing Vocals
Michelle Hobbs - Bass Guitar

Peace and Love THREEPEACE!


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ThreePeace influences include: The Police, Bob Marley, U2, Green Day, Sting, Andy Summers, Stewart Copeland, The English Beat, Shaggy, Peter Tosh, Ziggy Marley, Jamaica, Reggae, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Sublime, Jimmy Cliff, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, John Mellencamp, Duke Tumatoe, Daniel Lanois, Hugh Padgham, Classic Rock, Phish, The Grateful Dead, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Gene Pool, The TecTonics, Steely Dan, Donald Fagen, Grand Funk Railroad, The Rasta's, Jo Mama's Bakery, Trey Anastasio, Les Claypool, Oysterhead, Rush, Neil Peart, Men at Work.............Just to name a few.....ThreePeace Michigan Alternative Rock and Reggae. Michigan, Rock, Reggae, Festival Band,  Special Event Band, Beach Music, Best Band, Midwest, Democratic Band. Auto Repair Fenton Mi Michigan 48430, Auto Repair Fenton Mi Michigan 48430 Family Law Flint Michigan Drivers License Restoration Flint Michigan SEO Consultant Michigan www.SEOConsultingPros.Com, www.AutoRepairLindenMi.Com, www.AutoRepairHollyMi.Com, www.AutoRepairGrandBlancMi.Com.

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