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ThreePeace Album and Band Reviews

Reviews From CDBaby.Com

Empire of the Sun
Reviewer: Alaska Jahn 'Round Midnight Riddims Show   
Living in Alaska Land of the Midnight Sun I instantly identified with the Empire of the Sun CD. I love the raw emotion of ThreePeace felt on the instrumental Threedom. The conscious lyrics and Reggae grooves on both One World / One God and Use What Jah Gives You (In A Good Way ) are classic. I look forward to playing the next ThreePeace CD on Alaska Public Radio.

 ThreePeace Representation "No Brainier"
Reviewer: Terrance P. Sheehan Entertainment Attorney / Booking Agent TigerLawMichigan.Com
When ThreePeace contacted me for representation for their music, I immediately jumped on board. With all of the Hip Hop and Rap that currently comes from Michigan, it was refreshing to see artists so versatile in their music playing Rock and Reggae. Also, Musicians who care about music, not so much interested in a quick buck, but more about the music they produce. This is refreshing.

ThreePeace "Empire of the Sun"
Reviewer: Darlene Alice
Living in Empire, Michigan I was thrilled and surprised to find out that someone actually wrote a song about our wonderful town. "Empire of the Sun" is has the perfect reggae beat for our World Famous Beach, Bob Marley would be proud. Cheers to ThreePeace, great job. 

Unique and Electrifying
Reviewer: Tina
The first time I heard the CD it was like nothing I have heard before. "Empire of the Sun" and "One World / One God" are my favorite songs on the disc. Every time I hear the "Assholes" song I think of our current political leaders and laugh........LOL! Great Work!!!!

"When I need a studio band, I use ThreePeace
Reviewer: The Travelin' Bluesman
Recently I was in the Studio working on my latest tunes and decided to give the boys from ThreePeace a chance to play some awesome Rockin' Blues for my latest album. It is a wonderful thing to play with professional musicians of this caliber. Those boys have a great deal of style and cahones to boot. The ThreePeace album is just like everything they do! Awesome......

ThreePeace is Jammin' Mon
Reviewer: Ras Jahnny
Just Caught ThreePeace on Jammin Reggae Radio at, the song One World / One God has a very positive message. Love the blend of Reggae and Rock. Blessings Ras Jahnny

Empire Michigan Now Has a Theme Song
Reviewer: Traverse City Joe
I love Empire of the Sun, The Song and The album. The Reggae Beat That ThreePeace Provides is Rocking. I think Empire of the Sun should be Empire Michigan's Official Theme Song. Well it already is to me!!! Watched the sun set last night listening to ThreePeace with a Red Stipe. See you on the beach in Empire. Joe

ThreePeace CD one of my favorites
Reviewer: Tom Markson
I found a complimentary copy of this album pinned up on a poster board where I live. It is one of my favorite cd's now. Thanks to ThreePeace! My favorite song is "Empire of the Sun". -Tom

CD Review From HussieSkunk.Com
Threepeace -
Empire Of The Sun (released 2006)
Sheehan Sound Engineering
We just don't get enough reggae/ska albums to review at Hussieskunk! ThreePeace, hailing from Michigan, plays a mix of classic rock meets reggae, with a touch of ska/dance thrown in for good measure. Perhaps the most enlightening piece of the disc is the guitar work... The bad part is not knowing which member is playing the guitar, so that I can give them the appropriate credit! It appears that all three members help out on all instruments! According to the bio included with the band they are a deeply religious, or maybe it's that they respect their place under what they see as a higher power in control or making things work, either way, it doesn't come across directly in their music. To me, that's a relief (save one song). I dig the smooth jams laid down by the band, and I would be deathly afraid if they began either campaigning for the Lord or trying to make others feel empowered through religious chanting or some such. All that aside, ThreePeace have put together an impeccable eight track album here, and throughout you get the reggae dosage that you may have been missing. You know the reggae without the overbearing ska/dancehall influenced bass heavy riffs, like...well, like anything dancehall/club sound... I like this album with it's cool and calm demeanor, it's hip, smooth, groovy and relaxing. Certainly a big change from all of the punk rock flavors I've been reviewing lately. Good stuff here and more to come, as the band is due to release it's next album anytime now. -MG
CD Review From Ear Candy Magazine:


ThreePeace,"For The Love Of The Rastaman" (Indie Release)  (Review from
With a list of influences that include Bob Marley, The Police, Sting, Andy Summers, Jimmie Cliff, Stewart Copeland, The English Beat, Shaggy, Peter Tosh and Ziggy Marley as well as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Sublime, Green Day, U2, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, John Mellencamp, The Grateful Dead, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, Grand Funk Railroad, Les Claypool and Rush you just know these guys are going to deliver the goods. Well, they do deliver the goods. This is a great reggae album that deserves a spot in your collection. Highly recommended.  
Review by J.R. Oliver

Rastaman CD Review From Hussieskunk.ComThreePeace -
For The Love Of The Rastaman (released 2007)
Released on Sheehan Sound Engineering
Back with their latest release, the three piece rasta influenced band, Threepeace, has belted out another thirteen track album that is satisfying and entertaining. Where the previous release celebrated the band's faith, this album touches upon other topics that are more in the news: war, greed and world peace, as well as personal beliefs mixed in for good measure. Additionally, the band has taken a turn deeper into the genre of reggae and rasta rock. This disc is less rocking, and more mellow than the "Empire Of The Sun" disc, which again is a bit of a turn for the band. The same catchy beats and sing along styled lyrics are there, and for a group of guys well of aged, this is still a welcome evolution. I think this disc is more in the style that the band was hoping to accomplish on the first disc. Keeping in the style of their heroes, Bob Marley and the Police, the band has nailed the sound that they set out for, celebrating a genre that doesn't see much action these days in popular music. Two of my favorite tracks on the disc have got to be "Prince William Sound," with it's plea and information regarding the oil spill in that tenuous environment, and "Fat Cats," where the band only reinforces the notion that most of the rich continue to get richer by being scumbags that could give a damn about those around them in their efforts to gain further wealth. All in all, this is an excellent release from the band, again showcasing their talent to write catchy upbeat rasta-styled music. -MG

Reviews From CDBaby.Com "Rastaman" Album.

 This band is going to the top!
Reviewer: Johnathon Blakely
I received the new Threepeace album "For The Love of the Rastaman" through the bands myspace music contest. It is simply one of the best cd's in my collection. The merging of the Rock and The Reggae is masterful. I am certain we will here more about Threepeace real soon. I would put this album up against any classic albums from the past, and this one would probably win! Thats how good it is! Buy it you won't be dissapointed!

   Marley would be proud!!!!
Reviewer: harleygirlx91
For the Love of the Rastaman is a brilliant and stimulating compilation of rock & reggae far more superior than any cd in recent memory. The slick grooves and articulant guitar riffs makes this cd a must have for anyone who appreciates fantastic music. Lay my life down is graciously written & the music becomes part of ones soul. Marley's War combined with Shine on Children is a true tribute to the Peace and Tolerance that He tried so hard to instill in all his music. One World not Three is in perfect timing with the Police Reunion, I am sure Sting himself would be quite impressed by this rendition. Great job guys...Exquisite work!

 For The Love of the Rastaman Rocks !
Reviewer: Alaska Jahn
Another solid Cd from ThreePeace of Michigan. I love the Bob Marley and Police influences with a Three Peace twist. Prince William Sound is a song that goes straight to the heart of Alaskans as we continue to feel the lingering effects of the Exxon Valdez oil spill. I enjoy playing this Cd on my Round Midnight Riddims Show heard on Alaska Public Radio

 "For The Love of the Rastaman"
Reviewer: Crystal
Hey all. I met ThreePeace online and entered to win one of their cd's. Amazingly I won! I received 'For the love of the rastaman'. I Love It!! I listen to it all the time (and of course, sing along) It's so peacefull and relaxing. It's really quite different from anything Ive heard before. It's a blend of rock and regae. It's hard to pick a favorite from the CD, but if I had to choose I would say 'Prince William Sound'. Listen and see if you like it as much as me....I know you will. :) 

 For The Love of the Rastaman! Highly Recommended!
Reviewer: Ear Candy Magazine.Com
"With a list of influences that include Bob Marley, The Police, Sting, Andy Summers, Jimmie Cliff, Stewart Copeland, The English Beat, Shaggy, Peter Tosh and Ziggy Marley as well as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Sublime, Green Day, U2, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, John Mellencamp, The Grateful Dead, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, Grand Funk Railroad, Les Claypool and Rush you just know these guys are going to deliver the goods. Well, they do deliver the goods. This is a great reggae album that deserves a spot in your collection. Highly recommended"

 ThreePeace Wanted to pass on the Love!
Reviewer: Torrey Jameson
Just Checked out the new threepeace album on Awesome job on the Marley tunes! These versions really sparkle with the killer Jimmy Hendrix leads trippin through! Thourougly impressed! From Michigan? Hot!
MySpace Friend Comments:

"Hi Guys, You have a beautiful sound. And a very positive message. I love it. I lived upstate from you all in Traverse City until about 4 years ago (Went back to college, now I'm a Radiographer in Maryland). I also wanted drop by to say I Love your band influences such as Police and English Beat. They're the Best! Keep doing what you're doing my friends." God Bless.  ~ John Williams (South Croyden)

"sending greetings and blessings to you all- 
always more than gazillion percent supporting your music and mission!!!! 
wishing the best there is life has to offer to you all with your love ones!! 
take care as always! 
Peace! LOVE! Care! with all the positive energy for attaining your goal! 
be well~" Ally

"Dammmmnnnn your music is awesome! Thanks for hitting us up!" -Caleb

"Hey guys thanks for the request. loving your vibe Jah bless." Neville Bassey

"Thanks for stopping by guys, I love the irie feel to your music very soothing and tranquil, keep on jamming mon. Peace, love , and harmony." ~Ryan

"Lay my Life Down is beautiful on so many levels. God Bless." South Croyden

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